Sandwiches 4 Semis

Sandwiches 4 Semis

Let's Support America’s Truck Drivers

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Truck Drivers are needed now more than ever, to provide the supplies and critical relief our nation needs to survive and recover. Healthcare workers, first responder and emergency personnel are on the front lines, and often recognized for their incredible sacrifices. The unsung heroes behind them – the truck drivers, warehouse laborers, railway and port workers – deserve our support too!

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With restaurants closing nationwide and some rest stops overcrowded, access to even a meal is challenging for truckers. A truck can’t go through a drive-thru!

  • Host a Sandwiches 4 Semis Event in your community and show heroes of the highway some love!
  • Post your photos and stories to our Facebook Group at Sandwiches4Semis to share with the world!
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  • Q- How do we find food to hand out?
  • A-Consider contacting locally owned businesses in your area to make lunch bags for truckers. #KeepItLocal

  • Q- How will truckers find us?
  • A-Truckers are everywhere! Choose a safe spot. Get approval from local law enforcement. Create signage & banners.
  • Q- How will media find us?
  • A-Post your location and #Sandwiches4Semis event on social media! Use hashtag #Sandwiches4Semis. Reach out to local media outlets for coverage.

  • Q- How do we keep our volunteers safe?
  • A-Wear safety vests, choose a safe location, follow CDC guidelines on how to protect yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact local law enforcement for guidance.

Our First Event

Everything you eat, wear, and use today was probably on a truck at some point. We can’t move forward without Truck Drivers. We served hundreds of truckers at our first local event. Truckers need our help across the country!

Oklahoma City


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